Princess 88Y Retrofit

The remarkable ‘Ohana’ journey began as a 2015 Princess 88Y Retrofit project, in which our dedicated team played a pivotal role right from the early stages of the boat’s construction. Acting as trusted Owner’s representatives, we prioritised effective communication and ensured the Owner was consistently kept informed about the build schedule. We went the extra mile to provide the Owner with the latest photographs and comprehensive information regarding the boat’s progress, addressing their concerns and ensuring their peace of mind throughout the entire process. Our commitment to excellence extended beyond the initial retrofit, as we eagerly offered our ongoing support even after the completion of the project, particularly in assisting with any overseas endeavours related to the yacht.

The Princess 88Y Retrofit of ‘Ohana’ encompassed a wide array of enhancements, showcasing our dedication to delivering a truly personalised and exceptional experience. Among the notable additions were the installation of a stylish foredeck table, which serves as an inviting gathering spot for al fresco dining and relaxation, enhancing the overall ambiance and functionality of the yacht’s exterior spaces. Furthermore, a cutting-edge water treatment system was integrated, providing access to pristine and purified water throughout the vessel, ensuring the utmost convenience and comfort for all those on board. Additionally, great attention was given to optimising storage solutions in the engine room, with the introduction of purpose-built storage frames, offering a streamlined and organised space for essential equipment and supplies. These are just a few examples of the comprehensive upgrades implemented during the retrofit process, underscoring our commitment to elevating the ‘Ohana’ experience to unparalleled heights.

In-Build Inspections

We offer In-Build and Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI) to make sure Customer is always up-to-date with build progress, schedules and to be certain that any concerns are taken care of before the vessel reaches its destination. For ‘Ohana’ we conducted weekly visits to the boat during its build to photograph and report on it’s condition and timing against build milestones. These reports were very well received by the Owner and gave them reassurance that everything was on schedule and progressing well. Once the vessel had moved outside and completed it’s internal factory testing we were invited in to conduct our 1st Pre-Delivery Inspection. Our team of surveyors audited the entire boat in great detail, going through every cabin, bilge and reviewing all systems and created a list of required corrections for the build factory to attend to, this list is also sent to the Customer. The list gets smaller and smaller over multiple visits until we’re 100% satisfied the best possible boat is presented. With the Customer’s approval the boat was ready to be signed for and moved to our facilities for commencement of our Retrofit.

Foredeck Table

The Customer came to us with a sketched idea for the Foredeck Table, it was to be a uniquely designed, hydraulic up-down table with a folding extension. The table was constructed out of solid teak and two high-quality hydraulic legs, lowering to create a sunbed with the foredeck seating. When raised a folding leaf could be extended to increase the surface size of the table. The table was treated in Danish Oil, supplied with a cover and a cushion matching the surround seating cushions.

Water Treatment System

Going to a region in South America it was important that an improved water treatment system was fitted. We consulted with leading industry experts and developed a treatment plan to ensure all water onboard was safe drinking water. A series of Carbon filters and a Ultra Violet steriliser were used directly after the main tank.

Storage Frames

Aluminium frames constructed above both Engines providing a sensible racking and storage system for spares. Careful consideration was taken to ensure serviceability of surrounding items.


List of extra tasks:

  • Exterior Teak Treatment
  • Zodiac 470 Tender Installation
  • Engine Room Sound Insulation
  • Air Compressor
  • Protection Covers
  • Lights fitted to Canopy Sides
  • Spares