Princess S78 Seakeeper 18 Retrofit

We are delighted to present our remarkable achievement in completing the Seakeeper 18 Retrofit for the prestigious Princess S78, a testament to PR Nautica’s commitment to excellence. Specifically crafted for boats ranging from 65′ to 75′ in length and weighing up to 56 tons, the Seakeeper 18 revolutionises the yachting experience by virtually eliminating up to an astounding 95% of boat roll.

Designed to provide a superior anti-roll solution, the Seakeeper 18 boasts a compact and internal configuration, seamlessly integrating into the vessel. Its installation requires only modest electrical power, offering versatility and convenience. With its cutting-edge computerised control and advanced vacuum technology, the Seakeeper 18 sets a new standard as the first truly practical and modern anti-roll gyro on the market.

The retrofit process for the Princess S78 involved the meticulous installation of the Seakeeper in accordance with the factory option. To accommodate the unit, we carefully made adjustments to the cockpit deck, ensuring a sufficient opening for seamless integration into the Lazarette. Additionally, services within the machinery space had to be relocated aft to create ample space for the Seakeeper’s installation. Once the installation was completed, we meticulously restored the cockpit floor, reglassing it and replacing the teak to restore its pristine condition.

As part of our commitment to delivering unparalleled performance, we conducted comprehensive sea trials before and after the Seakeeper installation on the Princess S78. Utilising specialised sensors and advanced software, we meticulously measured and analysed the vessel’s performance data. The results were astounding, showcasing an impressive 89% reduction in roll during our sea trials, further validating the effectiveness and superiority of the Seakeeper 18.


Roll Reduction Graph