Crafted for 65’-75’ boats, up to 56 tons, the Seakeeper 18 is designed to eliminate up to 95% of boat roll. The Seakeeper 18 is completely internal, requires only modest electrical power, and can be installed virtually anywhere on board. Its computerised control and vacuum technology make it the first truly practical, and only modern, anti-roll gyro.

PR Nautica installed the Seakeeper 18 in to the machinery space as per the factory install option. It required making access through the cockpit deck large enough for the unit to fit through. Services had to be relocated aft in the machinery space to make room for the Seakeeper. Once the Seakeeper was installed the cockpit floor was reglassed and teak replaced to make the area as new. The install included a remote control panel at the lower helm and a link cable connecting the system to the Raymarine Lighthouse software.

This Princess S78 was given a full Sea Trial before and after the Seakeeper install so the performance data could be compared.  Using specialist sensors and software we were able to determine a 89% reduction in roll during our Sea Trial.


Roll Reduction Graph