Seakeeper 5 Retrofit

Continuing to lead the way in the industry, PR Nautica has once again demonstrated its innovation by becoming the first to install a Seakeeper on the prestigious Princess V48. In an impressive feat, our team completed the Seakeeper 5 Retrofit installation in a mere five days, seamlessly integrating this advanced technology into the Engine Room of the esteemed 48′ sports model from Princess Yachts.

The Seakeeper 5 is ingeniously engineered to achieve a remarkable roll reduction of 70 to 90% on boats weighing up to 20 tons and measuring 30-50′. Notably, this exceptional system operates with a modest electrical power requirement and boasts a streamlined design devoid of external appendages. It offers the added advantage of being installable off centreline, providing flexibility in accommodating the vessel’s layout and design. The Seakeeper 5’s state-of-the-art computerised control and vacuum technology establish it as the first truly practical and contemporary solution in the realm of anti-roll gyro systems.

One of the notable advantages of the Seakeeper is its ability to be fitted slightly off-centre while still delivering outstanding performance. In this particular installation, we opted to position it approximately 350mm off-centre to avoid the need for relocating the generator—a time-consuming and costly endeavor. The installation process proceeded remarkably smoothly, completed within an impressive timeframe. As with all our Seakeeper installations, we ensured ample space around the Gyro, allowing for easy access to all service parts.

To evaluate the impact of the Seakeeper installation, a comprehensive Sea Trial was conducted both before and after the retrofit on the Princess V48. Weighing a mere 350kg, the Seakeeper 5 exhibited minimal adverse effects on the vessel’s performance. The same RPM and top speed were effortlessly reached, with a negligible difference in fuel consumption. Detailed performance data is available upon request, offering a comprehensive overview of the retrofit’s effects.

Employing specialist sensors and software, our team diligently monitored the vessel during the Sea Trial, enabling us to precisely determine an impressive 89% reduction in roll. This successful Seakeeper 5 Retrofit on the Princess V48 exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional stability and enhanced performance for discerning yacht enthusiasts.

Roll Reduction Graph


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