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International Refits & Repairs

Through our comprehensive range of International services, we possess the ability to swiftly respond to unforeseen situations with great agility and effectiveness. In the event that a Private or Charter Yacht encounters untimely equipment failure or accidental damage either during its operation or on the verge of embarking on a voyage, our rapid response team stands poised to rescue the day. With our extensive expertise in promptly dispatching skilled technicians and procuring the necessary parts, we are fully equipped to tackle any arising issues in a timely manner. Rest assured, our unwavering commitment lies in collaborating closely with the customer, ensuring that we navigate through the challenges at hand together and deliver the most optimal resolution given the circumstances at play.


Our International Yacht Services extends to assisting Owners and Distributors. We have teams of technicians who make regular scheduled visits to vessels all around the world. Our personnel are all experts in their fields: Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Electronics Specialists, GRP and Gel Coat technicians, Interior Woodwork and Specialist Finishes experts.

We can arrange scheduled servicing and maintenance of all machinery and equipment aboard your yacht as well as taking care of any repairs and rectification work necessary.

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