Princess 82Y Retrofit

‘Special Edition One’ was a 2015 Princess 82Y Retrofit which included some first-time projects for us and resulted in a very unique looking Princess.

From the factory build right through to its retrofit the boat features a multitude of interesting and unique features which make it stand-out. A bespoke bar unit has been fitted in to the Saloon replacing the dining table, the Port Cabin was fitted out with an office desk converting it to a great utility room and the exterior had been finished in Midnight Grey in areas creating some fantastic contrasting feature lines.

Our largest project in this Princess 82Y Retrofit was the hand-made feature panels in the Cockpit and Hardtop which contained hundreds of individual optical fibres matching the pattern of actual star constellations. This required an immense amount of planning from our team and very careful dedication to detail with the assembly – we were really  impressed with the result.

Star Lights

We were asked to install painted feature panels in to the Cockpit and Hardtop finished in the same metallic Midnight Grey as on the exterior which would include optical fibres for ambience lighting. We developed this idea further and after a discussion with the customer decided that we would take up the challenge of matching the pattern of the optical fibres to that of actual star constellations.

This of course required detailed research from our design department and then many concepts, mock-ups and then finally an agreed design. We had the design professionally printed on to massive sheets and used them a template to drill off over three hundred holes in the cockpit and over six hundred on the hardtop for the fibre lights. Each individual hole was drilled so that each optical fibre would represent a star and then each light set to the appropriate brightness.

Once created the feature panels were fitted on to manufactured support frames fitted in to the headlining and then white rope light fitted to the perimeter of the panels on a dimmer. The star lights and rope lighting were set-up so that they could be switched separately.

The star light feature panels looked amazing and we really hope that we have the opportunity to complete this project again. The optical fibre lights could be arranged to match any choice of pattern, design or logo.

RGB Lighting

Colour changing (RGB) concealed lighting was installed under the Master Cabin bunk and underneath all of the exterior seating on the Flybridge. The concealed lighting is able to be switched separately and controlled with remote control. The remote control enables the colour to be changed and the selection of several preset lighting effects.

The concealed lighting allows the mood to be set and provides an impressive effect on the Flybridge, especially during the evening.

Beer Tap

This Princess 82Y requested a bar to be fitted in place of the standard dining table in the Saloon. We were tasked with installing a beer tap, chiller unit and pump in to the bar unit with a keg of draught beer. The bar unit was also modified to remove a glass shelf and replace with a solid Wenge capping in high gloss.

Backlit Name

The logo design for this boat was provided to us by the customer. Once a name or logo idea has been given to us we use design software to mock-up the concept on to a photograph of the vessel to show what it will look like once fitted. With the customer’s approval we then produce a final proof of the design and send it off for manufacture.

This particular logo represents the ‘Special Edition’ with the letters ‘SE’ with a separate embossed light unit in the bottom right corner of the ‘E’. The logo was finished in the same metallic Midnight Grey as the feature panels and the colour blue was chosen for the back lighting.


List of extra tasks:

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection
  • KVH Satellite TV system
  • BRIG tender with installation
  • Douche installation in all cabins
  • Foredeck teak table
  • Lamps for Master Cabin,
  • Lower lobby and Saloon
  • Life Saving Equipment &
  • Spares
  • Plus much more…