During the sun-drenched summer of 2020, PR Nautica proudly accomplished a remarkable retrofit on the stunning Princess 78Y, which involved the installation of a Seakeeper 9 system. This transformative project encompassed various significant upgrades, including the addition of an extra Seakeeper Gyro Stabiliser, a 4th Station Control, a cutting-edge KVH Satellite System, and mesmerising Underwater Lights.

The installation of the Seakeeper 9, in conjunction with the existing Seakeeper 16, heralded a significant enhancement in the vessel’s roll stability, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience even amidst challenging sea conditions. This integration of advanced stabilisation technology underscores our commitment to providing the utmost comfort and safety for every journey undertaken on this extraordinary yacht.

Incorporating a 4th Station Control has revolutionised the docking and manoeuvring capabilities of the Princess 78Y. With this additional control station positioned strategically on both sides of the vessel, navigating tight spaces and executing precise manoeuvres has become a seamless and effortless task. The convenience and flexibility offered by this upgrade significantly enhance the captain’s ability to handle the yacht, empowering them to dock with ease and grace.

As part of the retrofit, we also introduced the cutting-edge KVH Satellite System, opening up a world of unparalleled connectivity and entertainment options for those on board. This state-of-the-art system ensures reliable and high-speed data communication, enabling seamless access to online resources, live TV, and communication platforms, even while cruising in remote waters.

To further elevate the aesthetic appeal of the Princess 78Y, we embellished the vessel with captivating Underwater Lights. These luminous accents cast a mesmerising glow, enhancing the yacht’s allure and creating an enchanting ambiance in the depths below. Whether anchored in serene bays or cruising under the moonlit sky, these underwater lights add a touch of magic and elegance to every maritime escapade.

Additional Seakeeper

Seakeeper 9 Gyro Stabiliser, to be fitted in addition to the Seakeeper 16 Stabiliser already fitted. The Seakeeper 9 retrofit further increased the roll stability of the Princess 78Y. With limited space available this installation was the perfect challenge for our expert Seakeeper Engineers.

4th Station Control

The 4th Station installation to the Port side of the vessel was in addition to the factory install on the Stbd side. Our team completed this install with the idea to perfectly replicate the Stbd side setup.

KVH Satellite System

Supply and fit of a KVH TV6 Satellite System with a dummy dome on the other side. Included painting of the domes in dark grey to match the hardtop and painted radar.

Underwater Lights

Supply and fit of x4 additional Lumishore SMX53 Underwater Lights (2 each side of cockpit) and integrated in to the factory fitted light system. These lights are capable of being switched to either blue or white. The installation required an upgrade of wiring to handle the additional current.


To supply and fit at Idromar 180lts/hr fresh water maker complete with auto flush and remote control panel.


  • Relocation of Flybridge Throttle Systems
  • Chain Counters and Upper and Lower Helm
  • Master Lobby Winecooler
  • BRIG Tender Supply and Installation
  • Military Grade Searchlight
  •  Backlit Name
  • Victron Battery Monitor
  • Painting of Flybridge Servers and Cockpit Wetbar