The Princess F55 retrofit, undertaken by PR Nautica in the latter part of 2020, showcased a plethora of captivating electrical installations that added a touch of innovation and convenience to this exceptional project. Amongst the array of intriguing enhancements, the retrofit featured the incorporation of 7x solar panels, an impressive 8kW inverter, battery upgrades, a cutting-edge Webasto heating system, and a host of other notable additions that elevated the yacht’s functionality to new heights.

The installation of 7x solar panels represented a forward-thinking approach towards embracing sustainable energy solutions. Positioned meticulously on the yacht’s roof, these panels harnessed the power of the sun, converting it into clean and renewable energy. This eco-conscious addition not only reduced the yacht’s environmental impact but also provided a reliable and efficient source of power to fuel its various electrical systems.

The integration of an 8kW inverter marked a significant stride in enhancing the yacht’s electrical capabilities. This powerful device efficiently transformed the DC power from the solar panels and batteries into AC power, ensuring a seamless supply of electricity for onboard appliances and systems. With this technologically advanced inverter in place, the Princess F55 boasted a reliable and robust electrical infrastructure, catering to the diverse needs of its discerning passengers.

To further augment the yacht’s electrical prowess, battery upgrades were implemented, guaranteeing ample storage capacity for electricity generated by the solar panels. These upgraded batteries, carefully selected for their longevity and performance, provided an uninterrupted power supply, allowing for extended periods of self-sufficiency while cruising the open seas.

In addition to the impressive electrical installations, the retrofit included the integration of a cutting-edge Webasto heating system. This state-of-the-art system brought unparalleled comfort to the yacht, providing a cozy and welcoming ambiance during colder seasons or in regions where temperatures could be less forgiving. Passengers could now enjoy the perfect climate on board, regardless of the external conditions.

The Princess F55 retrofit embarked on a transformative journey, not only enhancing the yacht’s electrical infrastructure but also embracing sustainable energy solutions, elevating the onboard comfort, and embracing the latest technological advancements. This comprehensive upgrade showcased PR Nautica’s unwavering commitment to excellence and their dedication to delivering an exceptional yachting experience to their esteemed clients.

Solar Panels

Supply and installation of 7 x Solar panels (congured as 2 x sets = 3 x forward and 4 x aft).

8kW Inverters

Installation of a Victron Quattro 8Kw invertor with 3x Victron Lithium batteries.


Spectra Newport 700c watermaker, mounted on a white powder coated frame above the engine

Accent Lighting

Concealed lighting to the saloon headlining aft feature recess and warm white concealed lighting to the saloon and dining area blinds.

Webasto Heating

The Princess F55 retrofit included a Webasto Air-top EVO 55 24v heating/ventilation system c/w 90mm ducting to the Saloon and master cabin, 60mm ducting to the master cabin head and forward cabin, 2 warm air silencers, Multi-control and Thermo-call advanced, air intake will be taken from the top of the cockpit locker.


  • Wi-Fi Router, Cameras and Weather Station
  • Automatic Generator Start System
  • Alarm System with Helm Control Panel
  • Additional Sound Insulation
  • Backlit Transom Name with Logo
  • Tender Commission and Installation
  • Airconditioning Fans
  • Replace Standard Batteries with Gel Batteries
  • Trim Tab Upgrade to Include ATP
  • Hardtop Items Painted Oyster Grey
  • Flybridge Audio Upgrade
  • More