Princess F55 Retrofit

The Princess F55 Retrofit, undertaken by PR Nautica in 2021, showcased several notable enhancements that improved the functionality and convenience of the yacht. Among these upgrades were the addition of side boarding gates, a fish fighting chair on the bathing platform, and detachable rails for the platform.

The inclusion of side boarding gates was a practical and thoughtful addition to the yacht’s design. These gates provided easy access to the cockpit, ensuring a seamless boarding and disembarking experience for passengers. The gates were seamlessly integrated into the structure of the yacht, prioritising both safety and convenience.

For fishing enthusiasts, the installation of a fish fighting chair on the bathing platform was a welcome addition. This chair offered a comfortable and stable spot for anglers to engage in their favourite sport. Placing the chair on the bathing platform allowed for an immersive fishing experience, surrounded by the serene beauty of the open water.

The incorporation of detachable rails for the bathing platform added a touch of versatility to the yacht. These rails were elegantly designed and could be easily removed, providing flexibility for passengers. Whether one desired an unobstructed view or preferred an open space for sunbathing and relaxation, the removable rails catered to different preferences, enhancing the overall experience on board.

These enhancements, along with other notable features, contributed to the overall appeal and functionality of the Princess F55 Retrofit by PR Nautica in 2021.

Side Boarding Gates

Custom manufactured side boarding gates installed to port and stbd side of the cockpit for safe side boarding. 

Fighting Chair & Platform Rails

The Alutecnos Fighting Chair is widely regarded as the best product of its type on the market. We installed the fish fighting chair to the centre of the bathing platform on this Princess F55. The chair came complete with Fastener Kits, a Rod Holder (left or right), Cushion, Foot Rest Kit and a Back Rest. Removable with a flush mounted deck plate to prevent a trip hazard when not in use.  Stainless steel platform rails were installed around the platform for additional safety and security.

Backlit Name

Stainless steel boat name ‘AMEERA’ fitted to the transom and both boat sides, completed with logo and full RGB-W upgrade. High mirror polished 316 stainless steel top inlaid on to a 20mm backlight light lens. The stainless steel is chemically cleaned to prevent corrosion, with all tops and edges hand polished to a mirror finish. 100% salt and waterproof. 

Recovering of Sofa Leather

Recovering of Saloon Sofas to Ermine Ultra Leather.


  • Cleat stiffening
  • Tender/Jet-ski fittings
  • Fridge in lobby
  • Bathing platform remote kit
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Underwater lights
  • Protection covers
  • Life saving equipment