Seakeeper 35 - Gyro Stabiliser

The Seakeeper 35 is designed to achieve 70 to 90% roll reduction on boats up to 140 tons, vessels >100′. Multiple units can be fitted for larger boats. The Seakeeper 35 requires only modest electrical power, has no outside appendages, and can be installed off centerline, if necessary. Its computerized control and vacuum technology make it the first truly practical, and only modern, anti-roll gyro.

Technical Specifcation

Rated Speed 5,150 RPM
Angular Momentum at Rated RPM 35,000 N-M-S
Anti-Rolling Torque at Rated RPM 73,000 N-M
Spool-up Time to Rated RPM 65 minutes (5,150 RPM)
Spool-up Time to Stabilization 45 minutes (4,380 RPM)
Spool-up Power
AC Motor: 5000 Watts Max
DC Control: 240 Watts
Operating Power
AC Motor (sea state dependent): 2000-5000 Watts
DC Control: 240 Watts
AC Input Voltage: 208-230 VAC (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 30 Amps
DC Input Voltage: 24 VDC @ 10 Amps
Sea Water Supply to Heat Exchanger 53.0 LPM (14 GPM) maximum
38.0 LPM (10 GPM) minimum
Ambient Air Temperature 0° – 60° C (32° – 140° F)
Weight 1778 kg (3920 lbs) bolt-in installation
Envelope Dimensions Length x Width x Height
1.38 L x 1.42 W x 1.11 H (meters)
54.3 L x 55.9 W x 43.5 H (inches)
Noise Output Steady state noise measured in
the factory at a 1 meter distance
measures 72-74 dBC.

Technical Drawings

What Seakeeper is right for me?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Seakeeper and what does it do?

It is a computer controlled gyroscope that eliminates most boat roll, including the fatigue, anxiety and seasickness that goes with it.  Because of this game changing effect, PR Nautica have successfuly installed over 30 Seakeeper units worldwide.

How much does the Seakeeper weight, and what are the power and space requirements?

Typically, the Seakeeper weighs between 2 and 4% of boat weight, requires half or less the power of air conditioning, and fits in available space down in the after part of the hull.  Nothing extends outside the hull and the Seakeeper is a small percentage of the overall volume of the boat.

Is there a Seakeeper suitable for my boat?

Seakeepers are sutiable for most boats 30 feet and above. PR Nautica can install the best option on new vessels and as a retro project.

Up to 20 tons, vessels 30-50′: Seakeeper 5
Up to 35 tons, vessels 50-65′: Seakeeper 9
Up to 70 tons, vessels 65-80′ : Seakeeper 16
Up to 100 tons, vessels 80-100′: Seakeeper 26
Greater than 100 tons, vessels >100′: Seakeeper 35

I have an existing boat, can a Seakeeper be installed after build?

Yes, we can fit Seakeepers to both new vessels and aftermarket. The time of a retrofit installtion will vary depending on the Seakeeper and the model of the vessel. Typical installation time is 1-3 weeks. Get in touch for a custom quotation.

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